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How The June 2018 Strawberry Moon Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You've been searching for closure in both personal and professional relationships that aren't serving you, and under the strawberry moon you'll find it — and will finally be able to move on, feeling good. You've been working on a few projects for a long time and have not figured out how to resolve them. The strawberry moon is going to highlight the best way for you to finally wrap things up ! You might be thinking a lot about the future and having kids this month, if you don't already have them. Under the strawberry moon, you and your partner will finally get on the same page about what you want. You've been working so hard to get your family and your home in a place where you feel you can relax and be confident that you don't even realize you're there. Look around, you've built the life you want for yourself. Certain hobbies and extra curricular interests that you've been dabbling with might start to become much more important elements in your life. You might realize that you're actually quite good at something you never took seriously .

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